Sunday, 16 January 2011

George turned 5! He had waffles for breakfast, then opened his presents. Quick lunch then out bowling with family friends (they have two boys just about G&H's ages). It was his first time bowling - he enjoyed it, even more than bowling on the Wii. He got to blow out candles and have Ben 10 cupcakes. Then he had his passport photo taken for a renewal passport, and dinner out at his favorite family-style restaurant. He was a tired boy at bedtime, but happy.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Christmas was a bit flat for the boys, because their parents were too ill to properly build up the season. However, they enjoyed opening a few presents, having Christmas dinner, and then travelling down South to visit their grandparents and cousins for Christmas #2. Henry helped make mince pies, there was Christmas dinner #2, and then they came back home to trial their Santa presents - 2 new bicycles with stabilisers. (Not sure what this may say about them but George excels at braking and Henry enjoys going down slopes FAST. He doesn't have the hang of braking yet.) Here's hoping for 2011!