Thursday, 22 July 2010

The boys and I spent several hours at a local historical museum, looking at old buildings, going on a train ride, having a picnic lunch. We were also offered a chance to help excavate the site where the ruins of a tile house had been. We spent 2+ hours digging through clay, where George found many tile pieces and Henry busied himself with the worm bounty (I found a brick). Fun for all ages. George shows off one of his tile finds and one of Henry's special toys - Sam, the frog.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Water Shooters

It's been a hot dry summer for the past few weeks. I consulted with DH about water pistols and after initial hesitation about 'guns' and George's incessant talk about guns, we decided to let them enjoy the fun of water 'shooters' (as long as we each got one too!) I can't help but wonder if I were a younger parent, would I have hesitated at all about some fun like this?
The result is lots of fun for all of us. At £2 each, these have a range of 6ft+ and are easy enough for the littlest one to use.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Sorry for lack of posts. The time has been dominated with a dietary trial for George, trying to reduce the severity of his eczema. Eliminating foods has helped, but there's some confusion now in the process of adding items back in. He's still off dairy and all fruit except apples/pears/blueberries/bananas.
Henry is toilet trained in the daytime, and goes most nights without mishap. He seems to be quite a clever chap, at least with his numbers.
George starts school in September. He's been attending settling in sessions weekly and has a half day in a week. We've been shopping for his uniform; as expected, he's excited and I'm in disbelief!
The carrots we planted in March are yielding their crop. They're special stubby carrots which made them ideal for growing in a planter box. Recommended if you're short of land.