Sunday, 24 January 2010

Feng shui

I don't think this is good feng shui (or is it Chi?) for promoting high quality sleep! But Henry likes lots of books, his cd player with multiple cds, his disco light going and many stuffed toys. And sometimes that's not enough and he'll start singing (which we hear over the monitor). It pretty much carries on his persona from the day (a multi-media type kid). To make me feel better, I return after a half hour or so, or whenever he's finally asleep, to turn off the disco, remove the cd player and most of his books. How different he is from his brother, who loves his sleep!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Birthday season

This was George's fourth birthday cake at his party. Set at a church hall, with 20 other children and their parents. There was a games lady who did an excellent job playing with the children - except George, who enjoyed playing with a friend or two in the kitchen instead. He says he had a good time though, and we believe him!

George had his actual birthday on Friday. Low key family affair with his request - an ice cream cake.

Difficult to get good pictures of Henry these days - probably because he's always on the move. This pose is after shoveling biscuits in his face at George's party.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Growth Spurt

Just a record of what not-quite 4year old, about 33lb, George will eat when he's going through a growth spurt. Last night was 1/4 salmon steak, 2 helpings of potato wedges, 1 and a half pear, 2 crackers and some cheese. Then this morning, he polished off 1 and a quarter packets of oatmeal and a bowl of malties(wheat chex) with cheerios. Snacked on a christmas chocolate/marshmallow pudding and tea cake plus juice mid morning, and then set in for three 4-inch pancakes, a clementine and half an apple for 'lunch' at 11:30am. My parents would call it the bottomless pit.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I kicked DS1 outside yesterday due to pent up energy. This is what I got....Fortunately he's not a great shot yet.
DS2 not happy to go out. Might be due to his refusing to wear a scarf, hat, gloves or big coat. Might have to brave the wailing soon as he's not liking being inside so much either.